List Alarms in Android

The other day I thought it would be a good idea to list set alarms in android, so I whipped up the following code:

Its idea is that we iterate through the alarm clocks set by the AlarmManager.

This works quite OK, but it doesn’t show periodic alarms :(, so it’s of no immediate use to me.

Therefore, I place it here in case someone finds this useful.

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4 thoughts on “List Alarms in Android

  1. I can’t understand why this does not work for me.
    I created 2 alarms, one after the other.
    In each iteration of the cycle, the same alarm (the first one) is returned.
    That is, no position offset occurs in mAlarmManager.getNextAlarmClock() in the cycle.
    Tested on API level 24
    Please, help

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