Hello Svelte
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Hello Svelte

Hello Svelte

A few weeks ago I had a chat with the team at work and our architect mentioned micro-front-ends and Svelte.

Now, our corporate frontend is angular-based. We also have a project that developed an UI in Aurelia and they had a number of difficulties along the road (read: Risks, risks risks! Use corporate stuff, don't try to replicate its functionality in your favourite framework!). As a result, I did not think too much of the framework but the ideas of developing frontend bits in a modular way stuck.

I've started looking at Svelte few days ago and I found it looks cute! Development-wise, it has:

  • Javascript and TypeScript support
  • Code structure seems eerily similar to what I have for my blog which is done in Gatsby
  • File structure is also similar to react (code + html in the same file)
  • Has a scope (all things in the same file are locally scoped) - you can reuse variables without worrying overwriting things
  • There's a new shiny thing called Svelte Kit - Shiny!
  • You can do wildcard templates [slug].svelte and [slug] is replaced by stuff!
  • Svelte itself is a compiler, not really a framework - I put this towards the end because has less impact on me now.

So, I've decided to try and write my blog in Svelte to see what I can do :)

I'll have to see about the following things:

  • How to do micro-front-ends
  • How fast the generated site will be
  • How to integrate with e.g. django

In short, thank you @Alex!