Get all Proposal Names from the Participant Portal

I’ve found out the participant portal for H2020 offers an API. This is quite neat as one can integrate with the data, e.g. by reading and listing the calls. I’ve written a proof of concept to list all calls from this and last years.

First, we load the data in a JSON object:

Then, we extract the year:

Lastly, we iterate through all calls and extract the ones we need:

For the calls API, you can have access to the following information (fields):

  • CallIdentifier
    • FileName – e.g. “h2020-ecsel-2015-2-ia-two-stage-master”
    • CallId – e.g. “H2020-ECSEL-2015-2-IA-two-stage-Master”
  • hasForthcomingTopics
  • hasOpenTopics – e.g. false,
  • allClosedTopics – e.g. true,
  • Title – e.g. “H2020-ECSEL-2015-2-IA-two-stage”,
  • FrameworkProgramme – e.g. “H2020”,
  • CapFpDivisionsNames
  • MainSpecificProgrammeLevel1Name – e.g. “INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP”,
  • MainSpecificProgrammeLevel1Description – e.g. “Industrial Leadership”,
  • SP_color – e.g. “YELLOW”,
  • PublicationDate – e.g. “17 March 2015”,
  • PublicationDateLong – e.g. “1426550400000”


The full code is in this Gist:

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