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Get all Proposal Names from the Participant Portal

October 25th, 2016 - SoftwareTutorial(1 min)

I’ve found out the participant portal for H2020 offers an API. This is quite neat as one can integrate with the data, e.g. by reading and listing the calls. I’ve written a proof of concept to list all calls from this and last years.

First, we load the data in a JSON object:

raw = urllib.urlopen("").read()

Then, we extract the year:

currentYear =
print currentYear    # debug

Lastly, we iterate through all calls and extract the ones we need:

for call in data['callData']['Calls']:
    callName = call['CallIdentifier']['FileName'].split('-')

    if (callName[0].lower() == 'erc'):
        year = int(callName[1])

        if (year >= currentYear - 1):
            print "%04d - %s" % (year, call['CallIdentifier']['FileName'])

For the calls API, you can have access to the following information (fields):

  • CallIdentifier

    • FileName - e.g. “h2020-ecsel-2015-2-ia-two-stage-master”
    • CallId - e.g. “H2020-ECSEL-2015-2-IA-two-stage-Master”
  • hasForthcomingTopics

  • hasOpenTopics - e.g. false,

  • allClosedTopics - e.g. true,

  • Title - e.g. “H2020-ECSEL-2015-2-IA-two-stage”,

  • FrameworkProgramme - e.g. “H2020”,

  • CapFpDivisionsNames

  • MainSpecificProgrammeLevel1Name - e.g. “INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP”,

  • MainSpecificProgrammeLevel1Description - e.g. “Industrial Leadership”,

  • SP_color - e.g. “YELLOW”,

  • PublicationDate - e.g. “17 March 2015”,

  • PublicationDateLong - e.g. “1426550400000”


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