Get Access to Files in Genymotion
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Get Access to Files in Genymotion

Get Access to Files in Genymotion

Genymotion is a fine emulator. I'm using it as any normal user and once in a while I need to get a file from the VM to analyse (a DB file or a trace usually). Normally, the way I go is via the Device Monitor (which, in turn goes via adb). Granted, this is the universal method (read: works both on emulators and on real devices). However, it's quite slow. So, here's a faster way:

  1. Close your emulator

  2. Open the VirtualBox Manager. You'll have the emulator listed there.

    Oracle VB Manager

  3. Select the emulator and click on the Settings button and go to the Shared Folders tab:

    Oracle VB Settings

  4. Add a folder to the shared folders and set it to mount automatically:

    Orcale VB Folder

  5. Start up your Genymotion emulator

At this point, you can open the File Manager with root access and have access to the shared folder in /mnt/shared. I currently just copy files across to that directory to have them available on the desktop. Much quicker (to me).