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Setup Plex on FreeNAS (TrueNas)

July 27th, 2020 - IT(1 min)

Note: This entry assumes you got Plex up and running, but with an empty library. If you already set up the library, then good for you!

Today I decided to set up once and for all Plex on FreeNAS, via ansible/jail setup. This post documents setting up the shares/mount points, users etc., so it’s likely you can use the same with a plugin installation.


My current setup has:

  • a media group for Plex
  • a plex user belonging to the media group (defined above)
  • Plex installed via ansible
  • a number of datasets set up like this: multimedia

Setup mount points

First, I have set up the datasets to be owned by media:media, with rwxrwxr-x rights. This way, I can make sure that members of the media group can also write. I did that via the shell command:

  chown -R media:media /mnt/Main/multimedia

Then, I have added the following mount points to the jail (note: the jail must be down):

mount points

Important note

By default, datasets are owned by root:wheel. If you leave them like that, they won’t be accessible in the jail at all.

Add shares

Now, all your media should be visible in Plex. I have the following organisation:

  • audio
    • sonos
    • raw
  • video
    • movies
    • series
    • other
  • photo
    • user1
    • user2

Your layout may be different and you might want even different organisation of shares! Feel free to play, as long as you remember to set the dataset’s ownership properly.


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