EPSO E-tray - Tips and Tricks
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EPSO E-tray - Tips and Tricks

EPSO E-tray - Tips and Tricks

I think it's about time to summarize some tips and tricks on the e-tray.

Some terminology first:

  • A question is a container (one of the 21-ish)
  • An option is one of the three items you need to evaluate in a question


  1. The e-tray is about competencies, not expertise[1].
  2. All measured competencies are about evenly distributed across questions and options
  3. Multiple competencies may impact a question. However, usually only one competency is measured in an option


  1. As with all other tests besides CBT, don't throw yourself into answering questions.
  2. Don't bring in your own expertise. I failed 2 Assessment Centers because I did :)
  3. First, study the scenario and the emails. Allocate plenty of time (~20mins)
  4. Then start answering the questions (25 mins).
  5. Don't be afraid to note ++ or -- if you think that, with the available info, this is the best (or worst) option.
  6. If you have a doubt about extremes, then don't mark them as extremes.
  7. Keep few minutes at the end for revision (5 mins)


  1. Emails are not ordered. EU Training shows tests ordered like in a normal inbox. This is not necessarily the case in a real test.
  2. Normally you have a Welcome email and a Contacts one. They're important.
  3. A question usually has more than one relevant email.

Dates, calendar

  1. Be aware of the dates, particularly absences.
  2. Some sources suggest having a calendar. Figuring out the granularity is difficult. If you note the relevant dates in messages


  1. Unless explicitly specified in the Notice of Competition ↩︎