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ELI5 - Android and Java Libraries and Concepts

August 8th, 2014 - Software(1 min)

These days I’m learning how to build an Android application. After building a step-by-step simple app (like a ”Hello world!”, but with lists and fragments), I wanted to go further and build something more complex, using afree tamplate.

There are a lot of boilerplate templates for an app, but they’re built by people who do this on a daily basis and include all kind of libraries. Some of them are simple to use and some are more difficult. Some introdice a bunch of new concepts (to me at least), and all this happens on top of Android’s logic.

I will try in the following articles to write up explanations on these libraries/concepts in a more plain language (ELI5), as I learn them.

I hope they’ll be useful to someone else too and, if you like them, please feel free to comment and/or suggest me other libraries and concepts.


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