DBUS and Mad scientists…

For the last while I was poking around with the glorious “D-BUS”… As it’s always the case with new cutting edge technology, it’s done by one or more very good, brilliant one might say (posh british accent here) people. I always have this image of “mad scientist” associated with that :))

DBUS is great, is monumental, but it took me 2 weeks to make the darn thing work with suse (stand-alone I mean). So I’m writing a tiny bit of a tutorial to show what you need to make DBUS work on SuSE:

0. Install Guru’s dbus stuff

Then add a file: /etc/rc.d/dbus:

1. Some more services to be allowed…

in /etc/dbus-1/system.d add a file named netapplet.conf:

2. Start dbus

run /etc/rc.d/dbus start

If you don’t see a green “done”, then something is wrong.
NOTE: this will start the system bus!!!! one should be VERY restrictive with this.

3. Create 2 programs:



Run them and WATCH DA MAGIC!!!!

— This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

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