Book Review: Speed of Dark
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Book Review: Speed of Dark

Book Review: Speed of Dark
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I've finished another book: Speed of Dark. Very interesting and only just futuristic. Unlike my most SciFi lectures, this is realistic and seems very well researched.

It's about autistic people and their perception of the world surrounding them. The view that all sensory inputs are like an equaliser and "normal" people have it more or less even, while autistics have one of the bars really "up" while others are "down"..

Just before starting reading this book, I've seen a documentary on TV discovery or BBC I think. One of the guys was saying about his experiences on cutting hair when he was young... I've never thought one can be that sensitive...

This book is quite accurate in my opinion and presents the world through the eyes of one autistic guy. Besides this original perspective, I think it's about a moral dilemma from a God perspective: should we change or should be "as God intended"..?

Some people have the courage to change...

What about you?

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