Simulate INSert key on mac OSX
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Simulate INSert key on mac OSX

Simulate INSert key on mac OSX

Every once in a while I use MC (Midnight Commander) on OSX, simply because after all these years the two-pane file manager is still easier and quicker to use than the Finder.

TL;DR: use <CTRL>+T to simulate INS key.


In my PC days, I used Norton Commander to do file operations. In my Linux days, I moved to midnight commander and whatever GUI equivalents existed (Total Commander anyone?). On Mac, it seems only natural to install the Homebrew and get MC up and running.

Everything works very nicely on my laptop, except... there are no PC keys like INS, DEL... Oh, well. If there are only a few files to operate, repeating stuff for every file is ok. However, when you have lots, either I end up doing a shell script to help me, or spend a ridiculous amount of time with "rinse-repeat" the same operation. Fortunately, a charitable soul found the magic combination.

So... go forth and use it. If you find this post useful, all credit goes to The Austringer.