House log - Today's Summary
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House log - Today's Summary

House log - Today's Summary

Tasks for the day

  • Contact the fence rental company (done)
  • Inform the contractor on when the fence people come to pick up the base (done)
  • Get clarification form Electricien Belgium (done)
  • Maybe move the fence base (I hope not!)
  • Meet the company which will do the fences and gate (done)

Water connection (again)

This morning, I've got a call from the Commune that the contractors made an application for the water connection for... a different house number. My address is 259 and the Commune found an application for 297. HA!

I've forwarded the information to the responsible person from the water company (DeWatergroep).

<sarcasm>It's so fun to have a monopoly!</ sarcasm>


The water company replied that the contractor messed up (contractors subcontracting stuff) and the application is amended as I write the post. Everything is on track for Thursday!

The guy further replied with the permit application telling us that he will confirm tomorrow that everything is on track.

Fences (follow-up)

The company said they will come in the afternoon (maybe) to collect the extra fences. If they don't then I'll have to do it myself later.

As I went to the plot, I met with the guys building the cellar. They told me:

  • They don't need water for the slab (they have a special sort of cement). They will need water when the cellar will be in.
  • I need to talk to the civil constructor to put the protective sheets (with bubbles) when they start filling up the gap with gravel.
  • They came from Luxembourg and they're working with Knecht (the cellar builder) for a while now.

Fences and gate

I had a nice and informative meeting with the guy from the company that will do the fences and the gate for us. He told me that they will need the land to be level and cleared of debris (at least the part where they will put the fence). He told me they will not integrate the videophone with the smart house, but I could ask the electrician and he will just prepare things.


Well, that was interesting... I've received a bill for 18 hours of work. I've asked them to detail it and I've got a bit of resistance. I've asked them again. I got a bill for 14 hours (2 people x 7 hours each) on 28/01, with a justification for cable installation etc. The subsequent conversation with the boss was disappointing.

More to follow on this I guess...