House log - Kick-off Meeting
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House log - Kick-off Meeting

House log - Kick-off Meeting

Today I have had the kick-off meeting for the house building. The guys from Germany (the site coordinator and the cellar builder) came here. They brought a translator. The Geometer came in as well as the guy from the digging company.

The Geometer and the construction guys agreed on the reference point (and got it marked with a pink spray). The Geometer specified he will need the plot prepared and will come in twice:

  1. To put in the hole delimitations
  2. To put in the house delimitations

Both delimitations will be made at the surface (with strings if I understood correctly).

The guys raised the issue of connecting the house to electricity and water and the need to have someone hired for this. We have someone who can do the job. There's the small matter of getting the water pipe in and the electricity cable. For this, I have to finish my applications.

I think the most important thing out of the meeting for me is the timeline:

  • 15/01/2020 - Start the plot preparation and digging the hole - operation will take approximately 2 weeks
  • 01/02/2020 - Electricity and water for the building site need to be active
  • 02/2020 - Start the cellar - operation will take approximately 1 month (pebbles, concrete slab)
  • 03/2020 - Start the house construction (5-6 months)

Another important issue is a stray tree the Flemish Forestry Department decided they want it to remain, but both the constructor and the digger said it needs to be cut down. So I'll be writing to the guys at the department to ask them to allow me to cut the tree and plant two others instead.