House log - Some progress
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House log - Some progress

House log - Some progress

Today I went at the house and both the plumbers and electricians came in.


The plumbers have started today. They:

  • Brought a lot of materials
  • Have put the ventilation pipes at the ground floor.
  • Told me they will start installing the floor heading from 19/10.


Today I've finally seen a bit of progress...

  • There was a guy today placing plastic inserts in the wall.
  • He told me he will put 4 sockets in the technical room.

Initially he was told they would install only three cables. I went with him over the plans and showed him:

  • The ethernet cables in the cellar (the big room)
  • The location where the rack will be
  • The locations of the ethernet cables at the first floor
  • The locations of the sockets under the stairs and high up at the first floor (for wifi).

I have mentioned to him that all connections are supposed to be double. I have shown him also there are three camera points on the plan for the outside. He said now that he has the plans, everything is clear.

Then the guy informed his boss of the stuff I told him. It looked OK.

Later I went again at the house and the guy was still there. I've seen the CAT6 cable again in the cellar> I've asked the guy to tell me about the CAT7 and he told me it was upstairs. Lo and behold, there was also 100m of CAT7 (the orange cable).

The guy said he will install the CAT7 cables tomorrow.

I guess there'll be another visit tomorrow and we'll see which is which...