House log - 09/06/21
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House log - 09/06/21

House log - 09/06/21

Today I went to the house to see the progress of the third session done by the painter. He came back on Monday (07/06).

He did good progress. For consistency, I will use the same reference as in the previous post:

  1. Smoothing out the joints
  2. A cover layer (maybe to increase adherence?)
  3. The final layer

Completion rate

The result for three days' work looks like this:



Now we have two painting sessions and we can analyse a bit the progress. The chart below illustrates this progress:


The orange color represents the finished walls. If the bar is orange, then the walls are finished :)

Disclaimer: There are some errors because some walls are smaller, some are larger in surface (surface-wise, the completion percentage is less than 15% simply because the biggest walls are not finished).

More metrics

The painter worked 2.5 days to get to the current state.

Considering he works approximately 10h/day to get to the current state, it would take him alone

  • around 12 working days at the same rhythm of work or
  • about 14 days at an 8-hour work day.

As before, these are ballpark estimates and there are a lot of factors influencing the progress (e.g. materials' availability, work conditions ...).