House log - Status update
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House log - Status update

House log - Status update


Here's the state of play:

  1. We've got the cables to the gate
  2. The constructor said we need 400v for the house to start the heat pump so we warm up the house before they put the screed. We need 400v for this.
  3. We don't have the required 400v (tri-phasic), so I've submitted are quest to the distributor for the conversion. The distributor will come in early January.
  4. The plumbers offered a solution of 5000 Euro to heat up the house from the outside.
  5. We proposed to buy heating elements to heat up the house (approx. 300 Euro) and awaiting reply from the constructor.

Short term planning

  • [x] the cellar holes will be drilled
  • [x] the pipe connections will be done
  • [x] I'll need to get phone cable (8 wires for the gate control)
  • [x] the baseplate for the heat pump will be recast on Saturday
  • [x] heat pump to be placed
  • [ ] tests to be run I guess
  • [ ] OK from the constructor to buy the heating elements and heat up the house