Change the Display Name in Google Groups

By default, the groups you’re subscribed to show your user name (e.g. the first part from your email address — before the @ symbol). To change this to show your full name (if you want it), follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the group’s name
  2. Click on Members (on the right on my screen)
  3. Click on your user change link:
  4. Set whatever you want on your display name and hit Save. You can also link to your G+ profile and it’ll show your picture and G+ display name.

Simple once you know it, but odd if you don’t :)


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16 thoughts on “Change the Display Name in Google Groups

  1. As far as I can see, this works only for the owner of the group, not for members. Still can’t improve management.

  2. It seems that only the owner can change the display name.. I need a method for me as the manager of the group to change the display name. I am manually entering all the emails of the people I want in the group, and need a way to enter their display name – makes the group much easier to manage.

    Someone had suggested using “[email protected]”. but that is not accepted when I try to enter members.

  3. I am an owner of three groups and none of them have a change feature.. I can add members, remove members but I cannot edit the member lists I already have.

    Step 3 cannot be done on any of these groups

    1. In principle I think only the owner of the account can change. I’ll have to see if there’s a difference between old and new groups.

    2. Today, I found a post on the “G Suite Help Forum” from Matti nescio, who provided the following way to fix the issue of the non editing of the nickname field;

      Remove an entry with an incorrect "nickname"
      Add that deleted member using the following format in the email field.

      "Last name First name" <ident…>

      "First name Last name" <ident…>

      This works, but Google sure doesn’t make it easy as I have found a very large number of posts dating back to 2009 complaining of the same issue.

      1. My last post was edited by the system

        It should read


        The double guotes go around the nickname and the less than and greater than symbols go around the email address.

          1. Thanks
            Yes you fixed the post of December 13 at 8:50 pm. Each time I tried to enter the < and > with an email name between them, the entry screen thought I was trying to enter an email address and it changed it for me.

  4. I am the owner and member of a group. I cannot edit the display name of anyone including myself. Adding a new person with the correct format and then deleting the old one works, but that is not “editing”. It’s adding and deleting and is clearly a painful, time wasting work around. C’mon google, this shouldn’t be so hard.

  5. I am the owner and member of a group. I, too, I cannot change the display names of my members. This is kind of…terrible. Ugh!! If anyone has discovered a fix, pls reach out.
    Thank you.

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