KNX HVAC - Check Mapping between Valves and Layout
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KNX HVAC - Check Mapping between Valves and Layout

Here's how I chacked the mapping between valves and the KNX controllers.
KNX HVAC - Check Mapping between Valves and Layout

I've had a curious situation last year: the contractor who worked on the heating system forgot to document the paths and valves. Although most connections were obvious, the order for some valves from the ground floor wasn't. So, for those, I had to turn them on/off manually. The initial process was slow because I noticed it took 20 minutes to move a valve between on/off.

After a bit of RTM for my Gira actuator, I've figured out a process (for newbies):

  1. From ETS, set the time to reach peak to 2 mins (20 mins default is too slow)
  2. Put controller in manual mode
  3. Turn all on (top right button and then bottom left)
  4. Wait a bit
  5. Select the first valve, switch it off (bottom-right button)
  6. Wait 2-3 minutes (so the valve has a visible change)
  7. Go see which valve has been shut off.
  8. Repeat from step 5 for the rest of the valves - tapping the top-left button moves between valves

The list above allowed be to see the actual mapping between valves and the actuator points, and when I waited long enough, could feel the circuits warming up.


  1. The 2-minute peak time stresses the valve a bit, so don't check the valves too many times.
  2. I'm not responsible if you mess up your devices. It worked for me, but it may not work for you.