EPSO - Various Information and Tips
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EPSO - Various Information and Tips

EPSO - Various Information and Tips

Soon, I'll start writing various articles related to EPSO, with information and tips and tricks I've learned in the last years.

TL;DR: Have a look at my EPSO-related site for some tips and other information on competitions.


Here is some info about me on this matter:

Laur is a dedicated professional with more than two decades of experience, from which almost half dedicated to bettering the European quality of life. He has successfully participated in various competitions organised by EPSO throughout years.


The answer to this question is simple; I want to share some of the knowledge and insider information I've obtained during years of practice, some of my best practices, so others can benefit too.

If you want, I'll answer other questions. Just ask in the comments.


I plan to write short and easy to understand articles on the various parts of competitions organised by EPSO, along with information I've accumulated in the past years.


I've set up another blog with the EPSO-related information. Check it out!