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Tweak LEDs and Buttons on a Synology Box

March 17th, 2015 - IT(1 min)

A while ago I got a Synology and I noticed that my baby is attracted by its blue LED button in particular and the blinking lights, resulting in pushing the power button multiple times etc… Yes, I know, I should put the box out of his reach, and I thought I did…

Then, i looked on the internet if there’s any way to turn some of the lights off (ideally the HDD lights) and I found a wiki page. The idea is that you need a command line shell to the Synology box and you and do all kind of funny things with

echo <character> >/dev/ttyS1

From the page:

00x30Power Button
10x31Power off
20x32Shorter Beep-Sound
30x33Longer Beep-Sound
40x34Power LED on
50x35Power LED blink
60x36Power LED off*
70x37Status LED off*
80x38Status LED green on
90x39Status LED green blink
:0x3AStatus LED orange on
;0x3BStatus LED orange blink
@0x40Copy LED on*
A0x41Copy LED blink
B0x42Copy LED off*
`0x60Copy Button

Note: These settings get reset on reboot so, if you want to repeat them, you’d better use a script stored directly on the server.


PS: All credit goes to the German guys and, if you find this extremely useful, please donate to them directly.

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