House log - Electricians
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House log - Electricians

House log - Electricians

Today we met Electricien Belgium and the German constructor.

Before that...

Given the history we had with the meetings, I wanted to avoid a chaotic shouting match between all parties involved. So, I thought of helping everybody with a bit of structure. So I've sent an agenda along the lines:

  1. Réseau électrique :
    • Les câbles dehors (plan RDC)
    • La préparation des stores – sont-ils connectés ?
    • Interrupteurs – Dans multiple places il y a plusieurs interrupteurs, mais un seul trou.
    • Comment on allume des choses dans la maison ?


Well, you get the gist.

The reply was again something I had a lot of trouble to understand from French. I guess it was yet another message meant to be offending.

Oh, well...

The Meeting

The meeting went quite well. The site manager communicated the dates by which Electricien Belgium needed to finish their jobs. So, the next dates are:

  • 12/10 - the heating/plumber come to the site to restart work
  • 14/10 - electricians: all cables must be placed
  • 26/10 to 30/10 - the screed will be pourred
  • 02/11 - electricians: put sockets/switches in

After Electricien Belgium' work is done, the site engineer will inspect the work. The work will be also certified as per regulations.