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Content Tagged "python"

Speed-up easy-thumbnails on S3

January 19, 2014Category: Software
I was developing a small app as a playground and confidence builder, choosing django , heroku and S3 as resources. One of the packages used is easy-thumbnails . Behaviour I chose to use the easy-thumbnails app with S3, a possibility granted by the storages framework. At a glance, everything…

Install Pillow from PyCharm

December 10, 2013Category: Software
My environment on windows has a lot of restrictions, including one to prohibit execution of files placed anywhere else except C:\Windows , C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) . Therefore, the virtual environments resides in something like C:\Program Files\Python\virtualenvs . I've set…

Proper python versioning

May 21, 2013Category: Software
The past few days I was performing an initial deployment on a new cloud provider. During my initial runs, I have discovered a couple of snags in my applications (migration issues etc.) I've noticed that performing repetitive builds of my apps would yield the same numbers and there was no uniform way…

Improve S3Boto Django-Storages Performance with Custom Settings

May 13, 2013Category: Software
Django-storages is a great piece of software. It provides an uniform API for all kind of file storage backends, including Amazon's S3 . I use it for storing assets (the /static/ and /media/ ) for my django app. However, particularly with the /static/ assets, I've noticed firebug / yslow…

Deploy django application with private dependencies on dotcloud

January 28, 2013Category: Software
Update: This is an outdated entry. DotCloud went to cloudControl , which joined ExoScale These days I'm trying to deploy an application on a something quicker than my shared host ( ). Not that there's anything wrong with this provider (this blog is on it), but the latency is a bit…

DBUS and Mad scientists...

October 15, 2004Categories: Tutorial, Software
For the last while I was poking around with the glorious "D-BUS"... As it's always the case with new cutting edge technology, it's done by one or more very good, brilliant one might say (posh british accent here) people. I always have this image of "mad scientist" associated with that :)) DBUS is…

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