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House log - Progress 18/02

February 18, 2020Category: House
Today I have seen progress on the site for a while. The guys placed the frame and the seel for the base plate: And here's the second one: I've talked to the builders a bit. They're coming from Luxembourg and are nice to talk to. They told me they have a special concrete where they don't need water…

House log - Progress 23/01

January 23, 2020Category: House
Today I went to the site to meet with the electricians. Progress The guys did good progress since last time : and after: I got to see how they pulled the small machine out of the hole: youtube: W-Z1j-BpUJM Electricians Today, the electricians came to do the connection. Both the contractors and the…

House log - Progress 17/01

January 17, 2020Category: House
Today I went by and saw the ground prepared. I shot a quick movie: youtube: CJZ1JP8-9u0 I also took some pics, because it's the first time I see any progress on this plot! And here's the second one: HTH,

ProgressDialog in AsyncTask: Dynamic Update Text/Title

July 17, 2015Category: Software
Sometimes, you may want to update the text shown in the progress dialog. If you try to perform this in doInBackground() you'll get an exception along the lines: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views The solution is to not do it in doInBackground() but instead…

ProgressDialog in AsyncTask: Dynamic Update max()

July 16, 2015Category: Software
Sometimes you determine the max of the progress bar in the background task. Unfortunately, there's almost no way to transmit that to an UI thread-executed method like onProgressUpdate() (well, you could, but that'd be abusing the method). Instead you can do something like: This way, the variables…

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