Android – More Speed up Building with Gradle

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In my previous post I described one thing you can easily do to improve the build speed, namely enabling the gradle daemon. In the meantime, things improved quite a bit: Gradle 2.4 (at the moment of writing) has better speed You can run things in parallel now like other build tools (e.g. make ) You can use the “configure on demand” feature even though AS complains a bit about it How do you make it work? Here are the steps: Using Gradle 2.4 I’ve enabled gradle 2.4 for my project…read more

Set Up a Local DNS with Synology DiskStation

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The last days I tried to set up a local DNS cache thing on my Synology, just to use up the CPU a bit more. Why? Because once the request is in the cache, it’s much faster :) So, here is a simple tutorial to set up the DNS on your Synology box. Prerequisites There are, of course some prerequisites to all this: A Synology box. I have a DS1515+, but AFAIK any will work Your DNS addresses. All ISPs have their own, but you can get Google’s too An…read more