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November 9, 2004Category: Random
it was my bday last week! :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

Trip and more stuff

November 9, 2004Category: Random
A while ago, I went to Donegal for the bank holiday weekend. Quite a nice and quiet place. Funny that I've almost passed by "the highest cliffs in Europe (?)" without noticing them.. maybe because they were partly covered in clouds and they're not vertical :)... anyway the trip was nice, the company…

Weekly bit of Qt programming

October 22, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Last night (or better: this morning) I decided that it should be possible to group a bunch of widgets (back-to-back) in a menu entry. ..Ahh, the stress :).. First, I tried "java style" (aka look on the net, maybe some other manic already did it). Either I was too tired, or it just didn't work. So…

Bank holiday looming

October 20, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Yop, it's true! there's a new bank holiday w/end coming! :). i'll be off to Donegal (for a change). Other than that, I've figured out how to write a systray applet in KDE without a hidden KMainWin. Thanks to Hamish Rodda, the guy who wrote the RandR applet for KDE. Very nice, clean and easy to…

DBUS and Mad scientists...

October 15, 2004Categories: Tutorial, Software
For the last while I was poking around with the glorious "D-BUS"... As it's always the case with new cutting edge technology, it's done by one or more very good, brilliant one might say (posh british accent here) people. I always have this image of "mad scientist" associated with that :)) DBUS is…

Go Feroe!

October 14, 2004Category: Random
Went yesterday to watch Ireland vs Feroe Islands! Good crack I'd say. Value compared, the Faeroese played better than Irish, although at the end of the day only the points count, and Ireland got all 3 of them. On a sidenote, it was a good opportunity to find new stuff about the islands. Like there…


October 12, 2004Category: Random
I've got a tripod from Amazon yesterday :). So now I can stress my DX6490 with long exposure shots. Too bad (?) it has only 16 seconds max exposure time. But I guess for a "mid-advanced amateur" camera is OK. I had some weird shots of 2 sec exposure time while in a car. Psychedelic stuff... Other, I…

eta blog!

September 30, 2004Category: Random
woohoo! now I have a blog so I can say various :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

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