Curated List of Huf Haus – Related Materials

Here’s a list of Huf Haus-related materials I gathered in the last while. Huf Haus A blog on Huf Haus Another Huf Haus user blog Another Huf Haus blog Grand Designs – Huf House revisited — this was taken down, but there may still be a mirror out there… Grand designs (season 4) … […]


The weather is quite important when you’re building a house. Finding statistical data is vital to know if your house needs to be warm, airy, cool, or if your roof needs to support the weight of a lot of snow for example. Of course, the architect will know better, but… Here’s a list of links […]

Registration tax

When you buy land or a place to live, you usually need to pay registration tax. This varies a lot from one country to another. In Belgium, this is quite high (10-13% – ish). You can get some discounts in some cases. Here are the links I’ve found: Calculating registration tax – official government page […]

House: Checklist

Here I’ll build a checklist of things you need to do when building a house. Preliminaries There are some things which are generic, independent on the land or the end product: Make sure you want to build. I cannot stress this enough. While there are a lot of advantages (from tax to having your own, […]

House: A Grand Project

And now, something different… We have decided relatively soon we want to build a house. We had several reasons for doing this in Belgium: Prices are high: Depending on area, prices are quite high; in a “good commune”, you easily reach 500k for a house and 300k for an apartment. Taxes are high: If you […]

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