Rules for Your Bathtub

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One of the important areas in the house is the bathroom. After looking for more types of tubs, I’ve got a few generic rules: First determine the exact dimensions of the space where the tub will be placed and then consider the types of installations that could fit into that area. Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used bathtub materials to determine which will work best for you. Materials can be: Acrylic Enamelled cast iron Gel-coated fiberglass Cultured marble European steel enamel Natural materials and each one has its…read more

Planning Permission in Belgium

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When you build something, you will need to get a planning permission (most likely). Here are some links I’ve found: Planning permission info (Dutch – translated) Getting a planning permission ( Planning permission ( Planning permission (NL) Belgium is a bit of an odd ball when it comes to getting the permission. Walloons and Flemish have their own rules, and each commune has its own rules too (this would make sense anyway). So, if you’re building your own thing, make sure you go to your commune to ask what you…read more

Interior Design Links

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Here are some links for inspiration: Interior Design My House My Architect – a living show where owners open their houses to public and explain how they did it (Flemish) Cocoon – interior design (and not only) expo in Belgium Archiproducts (IT) – Design blog with many things (living room, kitchen, bedroom…) Archiportale (IT) – Architecture and design blog Archiexpo (IT) – Furniture Lighting Dr. Light – store in Belgium Top Domus – Store in Italy, shipping in EU Kitchen furniture Nobilia (Germany) – store with kitchen fittings AGA –…read more

Curated List of Huf Haus – Related Materials

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Here’s a list of Huf Haus-related materials I gathered in the last while. Huf Haus A blog on Huf Haus Another Huf Haus user blog Another Huf Haus blog Grand Designs – Huf House revisited — this was taken down, but there may still be a mirror out there… Grand designs (season 4) … and more generic: Open plan design Thermal insulation U-Value U-Value (wikipedia) R-value R-value of various materials A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)


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The weather is quite important when you’re building a house. Finding statistical data is vital to know if your house needs to be warm, airy, cool, or if your roof needs to support the weight of a lot of snow for example. Of course, the architect will know better, but… Here’s a list of links I’ve found on weather-related data. Belguim Meteo Romania Meteo (stats) You’re most likely going to need your own references, but you can use these as a point of start. HTH, A little experiment: If you…read more

Registration tax

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When you buy land or a place to live, you usually need to pay registration tax. This varies a lot from one country to another. In Belgium, this is quite high (10-13% – ish). You can get some discounts in some cases. Here are the links I’ve found: Calculating registration tax – official government page Since the notary is collecting that, here is an explanation on the basic notary website The idea is that if your cadastre (yearly tax for habitation) is under a threshold you can be eligible to…read more

House: Checklist

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Here I’ll build a checklist of things you need to do when building a house. Preliminaries There are some things which are generic, independent on the land or the end product: Make sure you want to build. I cannot stress this enough. While there are a lot of advantages (from tax to having your own, tailored home), there are some disadvantages. Main one that comes to mind is the time it takes to build a house (building takes 1-5 years, buying takes about 4 months). Then, location may be an…read more

House: A Grand Project

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And now, something different… We have decided relatively soon we want to build a house. We had several reasons for doing this in Belgium: Prices are high: Depending on area, prices are quite high; in a “good commune”, you easily reach 500k for a house and 300k for an apartment. Taxes are high: If you want to buy something in Brussels, you’ll need extra 16% (ish) in taxes (registration, notary fees). Quality is low: All places we have seen would require an investment of 100,000 Eur on top of the…read more