Ripping CDs on OSX

  • laur 

Currently, I am converting all my CD collection to digital format because my CD players started failing. A while ago, I tried doing it on Windows and it looked OK with EAC. Unfortunately, my setup now id OSX-based (a mac mini). After investigating a lot, I came up with the following setup:



  • OSX Yosemite
  • XLD which I use to convert to Apple Lossless (m4a)

XLD has a bit of configuration thing which is not really intuitive, the track/album naming. Here is a table with all known placeholders:

Shortcut Description Used
%A Album artist X
%a Track artist
%c Composer
%D Disk number
%f Encoding format
%g Genre
%I Disk ID
%i International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)
%m Media Catalog Number (MCN)
%n Track number X
%T Album title X
%t Track title X
%y Year X

My encoding string is: %A - %T - %y/%n - %t


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