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House log - Progress 19/02

February 19, 2020Category: House
Today I went to the site to see if the fences were removed. The guys moved the fences around so the big machines can come in now. They put the concrete in: Concrete We also got the first pellet for the cellar! Cellar pellet And.. it's for us! Name Woo-Hoo!

House log - Today's Summary

February 19, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Finish ordering the sinks (done) Go to the building site (done) Get the final price for the house (done) Ordering the sinks Yesterday we had a final chat with the architect and they told us we'll need to put tiles on the wall to accommodate a very nice sink we found: Instead, now…

House log - Progress 18/02

February 18, 2020Category: House
Today I have seen progress on the site for a while. The guys placed the frame and the seel for the base plate: And here's the second one: I've talked to the builders a bit. They're coming from Luxembourg and are nice to talk to. They told me they have a special concrete where they don't need water…

House log - Today's Summary

February 18, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Contact the fence rental company (done) Inform the contractor on when the fence people come to pick up the base (done) Get clarification form Electricien Belgium (done) Maybe move the fence base (I hope not!) Meet the company which will do the fences and gate (done) Water…

House log - Today's Summary

February 17, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Ask Electricien Belgium for more details (done) - update on 18/02 Go see stones for the island worktop (done) See the fridge at the Liebherr place (outside brussels) Add the extra fences for the back (partially done) Electricians I have asked Electricien Belgium to provide a…

Connect Sonos to FreeNAS share

February 17, 2020Category: IT
Yesterday, I wanted to add a bit of music collection to my spanking new FreeNAS server. Unfortunately, I got a 0x80070035 error code in Windows and a 900 error in the Sonos controller. This seemed weird since I had my Synology SMB share connecting just fine to Sonos. I read then that some people…

Restore a NIC from passthrough via CMD in ESXI

February 12, 2020Category: IT
These days I'm trying ot set up a do-it-all server for the house. I have tried to configure the SFP+ NICs with direct access for VMs. Now, I've had a side effect: The NIC was not available for the management network. As a result, I could no longer configure the VMs via the UI. Restore NIC back I…

House log - Select a Kitchen Extractor

February 10, 2020Category: House
We've been doing the kitchen fitting in the past weeks with a Belgian company. After selecting the design, we've run into the issue of selecting the evacuation system. Here are the steps: Internal vs external There's a fashion now to install internal extractors, with active filters to remove the…

House log - Progress 23/01

January 23, 2020Category: House
Today I went to the site to meet with Electricien Belgium . Progress The guys did good progress since last time : and after: I got to see how they pulled the small machine out of the hole: youtube: W-Z1j-BpUJM Electricians Today, Electricien Belgium came to do the connection. Both the…

House log - Progress 17/01

January 17, 2020Category: House
Today I went by and saw the ground prepared. I shot a quick movie: youtube: CJZ1JP8-9u0 I also took some pics, because it's the first time I see any progress on this plot! And here's the second one: HTH,

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