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February 7, 2005Category: Random
Last weekend we rented a car (again) and went towards Waterford to buy a couple of wine classes from the factory, with the quote "but I want to see the ocean" in mind.. so it was a very nice trip, got to drive about 400k, but unfortunately we missed the opening hours of the waterford thing... ..and…


February 3, 2005Category: Random
Well, I've got a new fav as far as breakfast is concerned :) "continental"(ish) as in: blue cheese spread on toast with various confitures. and milk with coffee too :) i've tried brie (camembert-like), goats cheese and blue cheese. Goat's cheese is quite strong so it dominates most confitures i…

Wireless update

January 27, 2005Category: Random
Well, I've updated my laptop and desktop to SuSE 9.2. Is very nice, but still the profile switching is a bit heavy-duty for me (all I need is to change wireless networks automatically...). So I'm back writing my wireless daemon and now I'm having fun with QDom* and XML in python :) I've got a key…


January 13, 2005Category: Random
In a few words, Great trip home. New Year's night/party was very good, went to Iasi for a couple of days and had loads of fun doing "alternative tourism" :).. as in instead of taking photos of touristy things/places, I took photos of degrading buildings, discrepancies etc. nice :) Other than that, I…


December 29, 2004Category: Random
A Xmas glitch in the matrix :).. I got tickets from an Irish agency (Limerick Travel) and whatever method they used, the tickets weren't home yesterday when I got there. So, a small change of plans: Now I'll fly with Czech Airlines @ 550 euro instead of Malev @ 430 euro. So I'll have to claim them…


December 28, 2004Category: Random
Hihi, I'm back from NY/New Rochelle :). great trip, met few nice people did lots of photos :) Great Xmas there and I want more! :) June == trip to grand canyon with "the lads" camping thing :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog


December 17, 2004Category: Random
Well, I in NY now (well, just outside) and it's nice :). Went in Manhattan today walking around all over the place and saw few cute things worthy to be photographed. one of these days I'll stay till it gets dark so I can take nice photos :) My thesis looks brighter than before now since results…


December 6, 2004Category: Random
New week, and a bit of news... A bit deflated with the thesis as there are a bit of experiments to run hopefully till January.. Other, went to a Sprayway sale on Saturday and got myself a GoreTex jacket and a pair of pants :) very cheap. everything went to about 230 euro... On Sunday, I'll leave for…


November 23, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Well, I've been writing a piece of code today and it took me 3 hours to realise that strcmp(txt, "message") was giving me a segfault.. because it doesn't accept implicit parameter. putting a: works... My excuse today is that i feel very bad (have a horrible cold) and i'm staying @ home. First sick…


November 17, 2004Category: Random
Yesterday I've played badminton with my new club :) I'm yet to formally enroll, but the lads (and ladies) were quite nice and let me play. after a warm-up with one of the good guys there, i got to play doubles. for the first time. ..ever :). rather complicated, especially because I don't know how to…

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