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New laptop

January 17, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
Im hunting for a new laptop these days. Laura's screen went dead just a couple of weeks after the warranty expired and Dell guys were quite unhelpful, asking for a 700Eur to replace the screen on a 900Eur laptop. HA! So there's my perfect excuse: I gave her my X200 and I'm gonna get a new one (after…

A new year...

December 31, 2005Category: Random
...and a new status. I proposed to Laura on Christmas Eve. It's very difficult to create the "perfect moment" in such a night, but I got it towards midnight :) We're very happy and it's going to be very interesting from now on since neither of us knows what's going to happen :)... just the first…

And Pisicu'

July 22, 2005Category: Random
.. and Pisicel must be mentioned today.. otherwise i'm going to hear things for the rest of my life :).. it's a bit annoying being in different parts the way we are now... but we agree that's a temp thing. -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

Dell 720 on SuSE 9.3

July 22, 2005Category: Random
Using all kind of info off the net, I've figured it out: you can actually use it: Download the z600 tarball from Lexmark Extract all it's components (few TCL scripts and RPMs) install the RPMs (the cups one needs --nodeps to install, as it's compiled against a oddly numbered version of cups…


July 22, 2005Category: Random
Well, it has been a long time... I've been to Sicily for 3 weeks almost and it was great. Lots of things seen, lots of photos, lots of great fish and nice dishes (FOOD). and lots of memories. more updates on the wireless bit: most parts are done, including the logic bit. Now I need to do the part…

C optimisation

April 8, 2005Category: Random
I was trying to optimize a bit of code and found out that 2 if() statements are quicker than a case with true/false. and an if/else case is WAY quicker!!! All with various optimisation levels (from nothing to O3 to O3 + architecture optimisations). Odd. one might believe that the switch/case…

On wireless and other things

April 3, 2005Category: Random
Well, my automatic wireless thing is progressing nicely. Now I've got the Qt4 event loop and threads in place and it does the polling (and returns values alright). All I have to do now is process them. And that's cool. I've already got the logic described somewhere. The funny thing is that it's not…

On world, wireless and other things

April 3, 2005Category: Random
It's been a while... I'm watching in the last couple of days stuff about the Pope (Janus Paulus II) and it's impossible not to shed a tear when seeing what this man has achieved and done... Impressive. If only the other leaders could learn something from such an amazing life. God rest his soul. It's…

Wireless news

March 22, 2005Category: Random
The daemon will be Qt 4. That's because Qt4 offers a simple event loop pretty much the way glib does. This is great, because I can have all the Qt goodies (threads, mutex-es, signals) and D-BUS too. -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

Sick and back again

March 21, 2005Category: Random
Well, I had tonsils with white spots on them. Actually, they were covered in white :(. It hurt like hell, so, in about 30 years, I went to the hospital for a few days (... I.V. stuff). Laura was great during this time and stayed with me all the time. Worked on the wireless thing a lot lately, and it…

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