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Qt4 IDEs

December 4, 2006Category: Software
Note: This is a post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. Qt4 is quite a nice piece of work. too bad that not too many devel tools actually support it in a decent way... I've tried: kdevelop nedit/emacs Cobras Monkey Studio eclipse I've got yet to try QDevelop which…

Ever Closer

November 9, 2006Category: Software
I'm playing with D-Bus, QT4 and looking at KDE4...... KDE4 is a mess right now. I'm waiting for it's next build because I have to launch stuff by hand now. aka it ain't working. D-Bus in Qt4 however is usable and I'm playing with interfaces for my style thing. If I can, I'll try to implement the…

Some news...

June 27, 2006Category: Random
Laura went back today to Italy.. /me is not a happy bunny! Got the new svn for dbus so I can go send images from one side to the other. And finally start the style processing bit in c++. -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

New man

June 24, 2006Category: Random
All, I have entered the world of married couple ... and it's wonderful! I shall be more focused from now on! :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

World cup

June 15, 2006Category: Random
Just seen the Sweden-Paraguay game (after seeing the second half of the england game). Both games were crap and the commentators on BBC and RTE acknowledged that and bashed both "top" teams. However, both winners (Sweden and England) will most likely play further and advance. I can see everyone…

Steaua, the babies

April 28, 2006Category: Random
My fav team crashed out of the UEFA cup in style: leading with 2-0 (3-0 on aggregate), they managed to concede 4 goals in 60 minutes. It's disappointing, but not as bad as when they sold the game to PSG and lost 5-0 with a penalty in the first minute. Hope Middlesborough will win the cup; they…

Back from Edinburgh

April 19, 2006Category: Random
Well, we went to Edinburgh for the Easter Holidays and it was mostly nice. We went to the big castle, roamed around, Laura went shopping (me too, but to no avail), we ordered food in Romanian :) and we drank lots of ales. interesting... Also, it looks like I've got a cold :( -- This is a really old…

New laptop - episode 3

April 5, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
My xorg.conf Important are the following flags from the device section: Otherwise, you'll get the 1024x768 resolution. -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

New laptop - episode 2

April 5, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
.. or in other words, "why, oh, why I did this to myself"... First, the generics. I'm parametrising the distros I've tried so far and then I'll explain what's my setup now. Several parameters of outside interest are monitored: Sound: If the sound works out of the box or if I had something done to it…

New laptop - episode 1

April 5, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
Well, finally I've got myself a new laptop: a Sony SZ1XP. Great machine overall, but with several bad points. One should ponder if these points are really bad... First, the good points: Great screen . And I mean this. I've looked upon a large number of screens in my life, and this is the best LCD I…

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