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Ergodox - TOC

May 28, 2015Category: Hardware
The ToC for the full series Day 1 - First diode Day 2 - More diodes Day 3 - Left side finished Day 4 - SMD diodes done Day 5 - Finished components soldering Day 6 - Switches are in Day 7 - Granite keycaps Parts list

My ProGuard Configuration Base File

May 28, 2015Category: Software
Following my previous proguard entry , I think it's useful to present my final proguard configuration. I'm starting with my base file (, explaining it along the way (as much as I can understand). Proguard Set-up I have a normal project structure ( <fallpaper>/<app> ), and my…

Get Access to Files in Genymotion

May 26, 2015Category: Software
Genymotion is a fine emulator. I'm using it as any normal user and once in a while I need to get a file from the VM to analyse (a DB file or a trace usually). Normally, the way I go is via the Device Monitor (which, in turn goes via adb). Granted, this is the universal method (read: works both on…

My Ultimate LG G2 Unbrick Tutorial

May 25, 2015Categories: Hardware, IT
Yes, I (still) have a LG G2 and it's an amazing phone. Battery lasts forever (at least with my usage), has a great screen, you can, if you want install custom ROMs (cyanogen anyone?)... However, sometimes you need to get back to Stock ROM, particularly from times when you get into a soft brick. My…

Android AdMob Bug

May 23, 2015Category: Software
I'm trying to implement AdMob in my application as an exercise. I followed the tutorial to the letter (read: copy/pasted code from the sample into my app). I ended up with an activity, where onCreate() had the following code: and a layout like this: Pretty simple. However, I found that after…

ProGuard and Third Party Libraries - a Strategy

May 22, 2015Category: Software
Today I tried to compile my app for release with proguard . Previously, I skipped proguard, but now I wanted a lean package :). Soon, I got into a bit of a mess, because I noticed I have quite a few libs which need custom proguard rules. So, I ended up with one proguard file per library, included…

Android - More Speed up Building with Gradle

May 20, 2015Category: Software
In my previous post I described one thing you can easily do to improve the build speed, namely enabling the gradle daemon . In the meantime, things improved quite a bit: Gradle 2.4 (at the moment of writing) has better speed You can run things in parallel now like other build tools (e.g. make…

Apparently I'm a Coral

May 4, 2015Category: Random
The other day I played with Google's earth day game and this is what I got: caption id="attachment_623" align="aligncenter" width="518" ](./coral.jpg) Coral /caption Nice :)

A nice Visual Effect

April 24, 2015Category: Idea
Today I wanted to get a headline image for my site, with a Gantt chart. I started from: which is a bit dull. I created then a photo filter layer with the following attributes: Filter : warming filter Density : 25% (I think that's the default) Blending mode : Screen The result was this pretty image…

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