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House log - 09/04/21

April 2, 2021Category: House
Today the house was vandalized. The person(s) tipped over the mobile toilet and broke a window. No intention to break in I think. I've called the police and will need to get the window replaced. Now we want to see which security solutions are feasible :) Progress The guys helping us making the…

Setup Ubuntu servers

March 28, 2021Categories: house, infrastructure, it
This post describes the manual steps I need to do to set up the linux machines properly Machines I have a server (I'm not that environmentally friendly, I know) with VmWare ESXi installed and I've created multiple VMs for the different machines: core - contains several basic items like the UniFi…

Move UniFi controller to different machine

March 21, 2021Categories: house, infrastructure, it
Yesterday I have tried to move the linux UniFi controller from a temporary machine to a new, more permanent location. I have noticed the steps are simple: Install the controller onto the new server, but don't do anything now. Back up the current configuration ( settings - maintenance - download…

House log 18/03/21

March 18, 2021Category: House
Today I met with the German Engineer at the house, to discuss the state of play and the next steps. We agreed that we should not rush things, in order they are done right. We asked about increasing the size of the shower at the ground floor from 80x80 to 80x90. He said he'll come back with the price…

Pretty Svelte

February 16, 2021Categories: development, web, it
The past few days I've been playing with Svelte and SvelteKit to rebuild my blog. Some things I figured out: SvelteKit uses Snowpack SvelteKit has a generator for static sites svelte-kit adapt --verbose The wildcard stuff is very cute (when it works) On Wildcards Well, now I have a bit of a…

Hello Svelte

February 1, 2021Categories: development, web, it
I've discovered Svelte, an alternative framework which looks quite interesting. Play time!

House log - Status update

January 8, 2021Category: House
Got a form from the finances department: As an attachment you will find the form "follow-up of changes - commissioning or first rental". We ask that you complete, sign and return that form to the address stated on the form before January 10, 2021. We use the information in the form to determine the…

House log - Epopeea Electrica

December 30, 2020Category: House
December 2019 -Surprise! DaVinci told us we need an electrician. The electricity distributor also told us they don't install the counter etc., jus bless the installation made by an electrician. вот это сюрприз! Now we entered panic mode and we asked DaVinci to tell us which electricians they have…

House log - Status update

December 18, 2020Category: House
Summary Here's the state of play: We've got the cables to the gate The constructor said we need 400v for the house to start the heat pump so we warm up the house before they put the screed. We need 400v for this. We don't have the required 400v (tri-phasic), so I've submitted are quest to the…

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