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House log - Progress 05/24

May 24, 2020Category: House
Today we went to the house to look at the electrical stuff (positions) and see if we need anything else. We ended up staying a couple of hours discussing about it and came up with a bunch of changes. The text below will be in French, because it's a message we sent to the electricians and the…

Create a jail with DHCP on ESXi

May 23, 2020Category: IT
I am in process of moving some functions from my old and trusted Synology box on the freenas . I want to also automatise most of things in case I need to recreate them again. The first step in my process is to create jails, with DHCP. Process is straight-forward via the UI: I hit a snag when I…

Set up MacOS on ESXi

April 25, 2020Category: IT
I've decided to use Ansible to set up a virtual VM with MacOS. I used to have a mac or two, but my hardware is obsolete now (Intel core 2 duo, anyone?) and I can't justify paying a couple of thousand Euros every few years for what practically amounts to renting machines. I've got a while ago a…

My Ansible References

April 15, 2020Category: IT
I've had it with setting up things manually. I've always said I'll automate everything so I make my live easier, but the progress on adding FreeNas jails and configuring them was soo much fun.. Now' I've decided to stop and step back a bit. I have already began dabbing with Ansible, but this time…

Improve Nextcloud

April 9, 2020Category: IT
Yesterday, I've set up Nextcloud on my server, so I can back up files. That was nice, until I started backing them up... Some files like .htaccess could not be backed up... Prerequisistes FreeNas install (11.3 at the time of writing this) NextCloud plugin installed Move data directory The data…

Add a Trusted Domain to Nextcloud

April 9, 2020Category: IT
I've installed NextCloud on my FreeNas server and I got an error that my domain is not trusted. After looking online, it looks like I need to add the hosts capable of connecting to my instance explicitly. This is actually nice, because I don't want everybody to be able to connect to it…

Set up Filpper with Your React Native Application

April 3, 2020Category: Tutorial
TL;DR: Install OpenSSL and watchman if you want to benefit from using flipper RN 0.62 was launched recently, with support for a new interesting tool (for me) named flipper . As I was using the previous combination of dev tools and reactotron , I was curious to test the new tool. I've updated…

House log - Progress 03/04

March 4, 2020Category: House
Today I went to see the progress on the site. The electricians got the plans and are doing the grounding of the house and The civil engineering company will put stones around (we went for recycled stones). Stones and earth There's still a bit to be done in the back: TODO The electricians did the…

House log - Progress 03/03

March 3, 2020Category: House
This morning I had a meeting with the civil engineering company and electricians: The electricians got the plans and are doing the grounding of the house and The civil engineering company will put stones around (we went for recycled stones). Wrap and grounding HTH,

House log - Progress 29/02

February 29, 2020Category: House
Today I drove down to the building site to see if there was any progress. I took note of the two pipe holes for the heat pump: Heat pump

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