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House log - stealing

October 5, 2021Category: House
We have noticed some items were missing from the house a while ago. Last week I looked at the security camera and I've seen that... the painter stole stuff from our house. This comes few months after someone stole a couple of manholes. :(

House log - 24/09/21

September 24, 2021Category: House
Today, we had a Viessmann certificated engineer coming at the house to connect the internal and external parts of the heat pump. He almost left because we don't have the manuals for the pump, and the said manuals contain a set of specific codes for the pump. We also found out: There's a missing…

Web Services from Scratch - 1. Infrastructure

August 11, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've started writing my first web service with Spring . It started as something simple (check periodically if a site is active), but it evolved more and more as requirements and over-engineering creped in. This post lists the tings I set up now so I can make my life easier later. I will refer to…

Install private docker registry

August 9, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Following the previous post , I have now everything ready to install my own registry. NAS storage I've created a new place (dataset) on my NAS server to store the registry's images and shared it via NFS. I've mounted it on my destination machine: Ansible configuration Now, the registry is up and…

Create a Wildcard Self-signed Certificate with Wildcard Domains

August 8, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I'm preparing my docker-based infrastructure and one of the items (to make my live a bit more complicated) is to install a private docker registry. One of the requirements is to obtain a certificate (so I don't have an insecure registry). Create a self-signed certificate First, we need to establish…

House log - 31/07/21

July 31, 2021Category: House
The house state today is: Paint Parquet Tiles Security Doors Plumbing (80%) Electricity (40% - cables are laid) Electricity Today I got some quotes from a Belgium distributor, and then got prices form a shop in Germany. The items are: Type Item code Alimentation Alimentation 320mA 21220…

Install paperless-ng: Set up Shares

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Today I'm starting to install paperless-ng to finally put an order in the mount of documents I have. This is a necessity because, with the construction of the house, we've amassed a silly number of PDFs (and other documents) and it becomes rather hard to have them in folders with no real search…

Install paperless-ng: Install paperless

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've finished setting up the shares , so it's time now oto install paperless. The repository has an installation via docker compose and via ansible. I need a combination of the two, with the NAS on top, so I've decided to follow this approach to convert the docker compose file to a list of…

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