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House log -A Message for an Electrician (for the Building Site)

December 4, 2019Category: House
I got informed by the constructor they require an electrician for the first meeting, to deal with the fuse box for the building site. Here's the message I wrote them (in French): Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur, Nous bâtissons une maison a Rhode Saint Genèse et notre constructeur nous a dit qu'il aurait…

House log - Meeting the Engineer for Sewage Connection

November 27, 2019Category: House
I've met with the Engineer of the sewage (as per a previous post ). We had a very short chat. He told me that: The main pipe is in the middle of the street, 3 meters deep. He needs the exact point where the pipe connection needs to be put out. The works will take about a month once the file is…

House log - Commune Check for the Implantation

November 26, 2019Category: House
The implantation is the process by which your house is positioned on the plot. This is done by a specialised person, a geometer. Our digging contractor pointed out that the Commune may want to verify if the implantation is done correctly. So, today I've asked the commune if they need to verify and…

EPSO Practice E-tray test results

November 22, 2019Category: EPSO
Today I've started with practicing the EPSO E-tray. As per instructions from the Oreseu book, I've done it without any methodology.

House log - Application for Sewage Connection

November 20, 2019Category: House
Sewage and residual waters is a kind of monopoly for my Commune. The process goes like this: You apply for Sewage connection. My Commune has a form you fill up and submit. Once you do, you sort of need to pay 2000Eur + VAT. You are appointed by the Commune a contractor that comes and decides how the…

EPSO E-tray Competencies

November 14, 2019Category: EPSO
In the old days ( that's a relative term ), EPSO used to organise ony the CBT ^1 and then the Assessment Centre. Since 2015, they thought of another intermediary phase, namely the E-tray. From what I read, this happened because the pass mark for the CBT was so high, that potential candidates were…

Export SQL Developer Connections

November 5, 2019Category: Tutorial
When I joined in, I found myself suddenly needing access to a bunch of Oracle databases, so I thought initially to get all accounts loaded one by one in SQL Developer. That's an option... A colleague showed me that you can actually back up and restore your DB connections in a few simple steps: Open…

Error in Rendering Angular on Internet Explorer 11

October 31, 2019Category: Tutorial
I have an app developed with Angular. For the past weeks I had an issue that some users would get the page load as plain text: The end-of-life for IE11 is supposed to be in 2020 for normal windows machines. However, IE11 will live a bit longer on Windows Server machines apparently. Consequently, we…

House log - Getting a Géomètre

September 30, 2019Category: House
We're looking for a géomètre. I conceived an universal letter to contact them, sounding like this: Dear Madam or Sir, We are now in position to start the process of building the house. Can you please let me know if your office can perform the pegging out (implantation) for our building site? If…

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