Configure Volumio with PiFi DIGI DAC+

The other day I’ve got a Chinese clone of HiFiBerry, a PiFi DAC+ v2.0:

Here are the steps to configure it with Volumio.

First, you need to install Volumio 2 (2.129 at the moment of writing).

You need to configure it to e.g. connect to the network, index songs.

Note: Back up your config.txt (and wpa_supplicant.conf)

Once you’ve got it up and running, select the Playback menu:

… and select the Hifibetty DAC Plus for the Output Device and *DAC Model. Make sure you enable I2S DAC:

For the options, I’ve left the defaults on:

Same for the playback options:

For the Volume Options, I’ve selected a Hardware mixer type with a Digital mixer control name:

Once you save the configuration, you’ll be asked to reboot. Do so. This will create a custom config.txt with something like:

Note: Saving the info will create a clean config.txt. All your customisations will be gone. Therefore, before restarting, edit your config.txt with your customisations (e.g. network or LCD).


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12 thoughts on “Configure Volumio with PiFi DIGI DAC+

  1. Hi,
    i got the same DAC, it’s not working with your configurations.
    Wich LED should blink if i stream music?
    On my DAC the red is LED ON. Whatever i do, the green one is not illuminated.

    Is there any alteration for Volumio Version 2.201?

    1. Hmm. Did your sound card work at any point? I’m asking this because I do get the green light on and I did since I plugged in the card…

      1. it’s working now!
        i just flashed the volumio firmware another 2 times and chosen the right DAC.
        But thank you anyway!

    1. Currently I’m not using IR because it’s in a metal box, but I think so. Make sure you enable IR on the OS side too :)

  2. Thank you. This is what my config.txt file looks like. Had to manually edit it by pulling the card out of the pi and editing on my computer. It plays really great now and sounds fantastic!

    initramfs volumio.initrd

    Volumio i2s setting below: do not alter


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