Easy Volumio Plugin Development

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The past few days I’ve been struggling with building a volume controller plugin for volumio. My initial routine would be something like: edit the source code on a PC zip the code and some node_modules bundled from another plugin load the plugin in volumio This presents several issues: Slow deployment cycle (even if partially automated) Unable to restart volumio without rebooting New way I’ve been looking for more info and I’ve devised a new process: Create the plugin on the raspberry pi You need to download all the prerequisites (e.g….read more

Check Duplicated Paths with LoDash (and Angular 2)

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One of the things I’m looking at is to be able to create a list of paths I’d want to scan. The first iteration had blind addition to the list. However, this would make the user’s responsibility to manage the duplicated paths, which is not really nice. Therefore, I think it’s a good thing to add some sort of path duplication detection in the code. The pseudo-code would be something like:

In this case, if we have a non-null item, then we already have something in the list. Otherwise,…read more

Get all Proposal Names from the Participant Portal

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I’ve found out the participant portal for H2020 offers an API. This is quite neat as one can integrate with the data, e.g. by reading and listing the calls. I’ve written a proof of concept to list all calls from this and last years. First, we load the data in a JSON object:

Then, we extract the year:

Lastly, we iterate through all calls and extract the ones we need:

For the calls API, you can have access to the following information (fields): CallIdentifier FileName – e.g….read more

Set Up Concourse Behind a Proxy

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TL;DR: Most important thing is to find out if your proxy mangles/removes headers. If yes, then you need to contact your IT department. I’ve got the following error: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers) Prerequisites In order to get Concourse CI working, you need to : Install VirtualBox and Install Vagrant in a directory without spaces (ruby bug) Now, you need to install the proxy plugin for Vagrant:

Then, initalise the install

Proxy configurations The vagrant proxy will allow you…read more

Custom saving path for FileField

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Saving FileFields is pretty annoying anyway (all the manual stuff, saving chunks by hand…). The top bother is actually the limited way of creating paths: In MEDIA_ROOT, only with strftime arguments. While this does limit the number of files in a directory, it’s not as customisable as it should… So, here‘s the alternative:


Now, your files are going to be saved in a path containing the username, with a mangled local name (so the only way to see which file it is and what’s supposed to do…read more

MacPorts Berkley-DB 4 problem and work around

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I’ve upgraded my MacPro’s hardware a bit the other day and I’ve noticed that something went bye-bye when running eclipse. Namely eclipse itself wasn’t working anymore. So I thought: What a great opportunity to do an update (eclipse, jdk…). And MacPorts. Because I wanted to upgrade my python to 2.7 (2.7 has a couple of extra niceties compared to 2.6, and django doesn’t yet work with 3.x). Anyway, I’ve downloaded the Helios eclipse, cleaned up macports and updated it again. Nice. Had to re-download Xcode, which, this time is a…read more