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Cascade get value from dictionary in Python

May 31, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
Several times I've been faced with the problem: Get a value from a dictionary. If the key is not present, then get from another key. Normally, the implementation would go like this: Or, even worse, with try-catch statements. That's fine if the sequence is fixed, but what if you want to have some…

Outlook VBA: Write to a file

May 30, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
Note: This is a post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. I'm not a master in VB (I hate it actually) not in VBA, but it;s quicker to write something like a hack in VBA for outlook than in C#. So, here's a tiny snapshot on how to write to a file in Outlook (my…

Find your cake day on Reddit

May 30, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
The past couple of days I've seen a raise in "cake date" posts on reddit . I'm probably behind the trend on this one, but I never paid attention to the dates I open an account. Nevertheless... I had to find mine, so here's a quick tutorial: Log in into your Reddit account (d'oh!), Go to RSS feeds…

Some Interview Questions

May 13, 2016Categories: EPSO, Tutorial
The other day I've gotten wind of a bunch of interview questions for the EU Institutions. This apparently was a specialist interview in one of the Executive Agencies, so here it goes: Head of Department We have invited everybody who was successful in the preliminary tests for this interview You'll…

Material Drawer and Toolbar Options

April 15, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
The latest couple of days I've spent in adding the Excellent Material Drawer to one of my applications. In my case, the drawer is shown on the second activity in the workflow. Below, I'll outline my experiments. Preamble First, the requirements are: An android application with one (or more…

Speed-Up your CV Updating on EPSO

March 10, 2016Categories: EPSO, IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : Open two browsers and use the script below to be quick in inputting your EPSO application. This tutorial is for: People who already have filled up their EPSO accounts and just need to copy-paste data around People with lots of entries Who is sick and tired of scrolling through the calendar…

Use XPath in PL/PGSQL for Batch Processing

March 5, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
A while ago I had to process XML loaded in a PostgreSQL database. The task was to extract references from a publication structure. Fortunately, PostgreSQL allows you to use XPath in plpgsql , but there are some things you need to be aware. First, you need to note all namespaces: Then, you can use…

Change Decimal Comma to Dot in Excel Mac

March 3, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : There are two things you can do: Change in Language & Region -> Advanced... When converting a text to columns, you can specify the delimiter ( Step 3 of 3 -> Advanced... ) Regional settings The regional settings will affect all applications, not only Excel. Here you can specify the…

Definitive Tutorial to CM13 on LG G2 D802

February 24, 2016Categories: Hardware, IT, Tutorial
NOTE : You need to be able to reach download mode at least ( Power + Volume Up ). If you don't you need to go search somewhere else how to get to this point. Prerequisites You'll need the following: A Windows machine. Windows 8 is what I tried, but I think Win 10 will do as well. USB 2.0. I haven't…

Migrate PostgreSQL Between Two Machines

February 5, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : Once you prepare the connection, pg_dump is your friend. Recently, we had to migrate a large-ish DB (1.5 TB) from a Windows installation to a Linux one in order to accommodate a series of third party extensions. We have split the process in three: Prepare the migration Migrate users Migrate…

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