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TIL you can mix ASC, DESC in ORDER BY (SQLite)

November 4, 2015Category: Software
TL;DR: You can use ORDER BY column1 DESC, column2 ASC ... in your code. The other day I was trying to get a custom ordering in a list for an object: order decreasing by UNREAD MESSAGES count and then order ascending by DATE Initially, I tried a GROUP BY, but I could not get it to do the ordering…

Python and Outlook - An example

October 20, 2015Category: Software
TL;DR: Install win32 extensions (e.g. using this to put it in your virtual env). Read some code below (there are folders with stuff, messages have CapitalizedPropertyNames ). Profit. The other day I needed to perform some statistics on an Outlook mailbox. In particular, use the frequency per day…

TIL: Lambda Expressions

October 19, 2015Category: Software
TL;DR: A lambda expression is a shortcut notation to anonymous inner classes containing a single method . Usually, they define implementations for functional interfaces (interfaces declaring a single method). Today I finally found out what lambda expressions are (formally) by watching…

Manually Create a Retrofit/OkHttp Response for Testing

September 21, 2015Category: Software
I've got a method in an use case which requires a Retofit Response object as parameter and I need to test it. Now, I can use the Retrofit itself and build one with the network, but it would require the full android shebang. I've opted instead for building a Retrofit Response manually. My method is…

Real Sticky Footer with Material Angular

August 28, 2015Category: Software
I needed to set up a sticky footer as part of my Angular and Material Design experiment. You would not believe how many resource I could find (some of them listed below)! Unfortunately, most of them had a problem; blank page looked fine (header and footer in the right places), but the page…

Multiple Navigation Bars in Header with Flexbox

August 26, 2015Category: Software
I've got a requirement to build a site header with three components: Brand (company logo...) - left Menu - center Shortcuts (settings, search) - right The result should be looking like this: Now, with Bootstrap is really easy to get the brand (and the menu) justified to the left and the shortcuts…

Tweak Paths with Gulp-Connect

August 22, 2015Category: Software
I've recently started to work on a front-end project using nodejs , gulp , bower and angular . Its back-end is a java application and it's configured like this: Serve all the UI (frontend) from a /static path Serve all the API-related URLs with a /dynamic prefix…

A Mini-List of Useful (Gulp) Plug-ins

August 20, 2015Category: Software
I'm currently starting with nodejs , gulp and bower as part of a front-end project I'm working on. Here are some plugins for gulp I found and which help me with a cleaner, more featured build system. gulp-connect Gulp-connect is capable of starting a small web server on your local machine…

Plot Points Based on Distances Between Them

August 13, 2015Categories: House, Software
My problem this days is: I need to provide a drawing of trees on my plot of land in order to see which can be spared when building the house. The easiest way to do this is to measure the distance between the said trees, add some basic coordinates (to place them within the plot of land) and build a…

Add XML to PostgreSQL from Python

July 24, 2015Category: Software
One of the projects I worked on was to import a large number of XML files in a PostgreSQL database (as XML files). I chose python to do it. Here are the steps: Database The data source is the SCOPUS database which has a silly number of entries (approx 20,000,000), most containing 2 XML files…

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