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December 6, 2004Category: Random
New week, and a bit of news... A bit deflated with the thesis as there are a bit of experiments to run hopefully till January.. Other, went to a Sprayway sale on Saturday and got myself a GoreTex jacket and a pair of pants :) very cheap. everything went to about 230 euro... On Sunday, I'll leave for…


November 23, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Well, I've been writing a piece of code today and it took me 3 hours to realise that strcmp(txt, "message") was giving me a segfault.. because it doesn't accept implicit parameter. putting a: works... My excuse today is that i feel very bad (have a horrible cold) and i'm staying @ home. First sick…


November 17, 2004Category: Random
Yesterday I've played badminton with my new club :) I'm yet to formally enroll, but the lads (and ladies) were quite nice and let me play. after a warm-up with one of the good guys there, i got to play doubles. for the first time. ..ever :). rather complicated, especially because I don't know how to…

Nice w/end

November 15, 2004Category: Random
An important piece in my master plan to run the marathon in NY next year got resolved: running shoes :).. yesterday I've installed my laserpod... very nice toy and last nite I left it projecting lights on the ceiling. all i can say is that my room is not worthy of it :).. but it is a cool toy…


November 12, 2004Category: Random
Yesterday i went to see "Hero". was just like going to a ballet dance. very cinematic, even more than the Crouching Tiger.. or maybe it's me liking flying silk all over the place :) And today I went to see "The Isle", a Korean movie with loads of prizes... cool thing to watch, but the end was at…


November 10, 2004Category: Random
I've finished the Romanian translation for kdevelop... now is a "wait and see" period to see if they're happy with them :) An interesting thing is, as I was doing the translation and attempting to use the Romanian diacritics, that not too many fonts in X actually have them :( even some unicode ones…


November 9, 2004Category: Random
it was my bday last week! :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

Trip and more stuff

November 9, 2004Category: Random
A while ago, I went to Donegal for the bank holiday weekend. Quite a nice and quiet place. Funny that I've almost passed by "the highest cliffs in Europe (?)" without noticing them.. maybe because they were partly covered in clouds and they're not vertical :)... anyway the trip was nice, the company…

Weekly bit of Qt programming

October 22, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Last night (or better: this morning) I decided that it should be possible to group a bunch of widgets (back-to-back) in a menu entry. ..Ahh, the stress :).. First, I tried "java style" (aka look on the net, maybe some other manic already did it). Either I was too tired, or it just didn't work. So…

Bank holiday looming

October 20, 2004Categories: Random, Software
Yop, it's true! there's a new bank holiday w/end coming! :). i'll be off to Donegal (for a change). Other than that, I've figured out how to write a systray applet in KDE without a hidden KMainWin. Thanks to Hamish Rodda, the guy who wrote the RandR applet for KDE. Very nice, clean and easy to…

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