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Use SCSS, Luke!

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Traditionally, I’ve been a LESS supporter. The way it does mixins for example seems to me more intuitive. However, I noticed that my go-to framework (bootstrap) is now doing SASS-first and then LESS. So, one adapts… and the option in angular-cli makes things less painful. What was painful was to convert a bunch of LESS code to SCSS :/ Here are some findings relative to using SCSS in my application: Webpack does it nicely via the sass-loader You can use relative, absolute and ~ paths to refer to other resources….read more

Rules for Your Bathtub

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One of the important areas in the house is the bathroom. After looking for more types of tubs, I’ve got a few generic rules: First determine the exact dimensions of the space where the tub will be placed and then consider the types of installations that could fit into that area. Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used bathtub materials to determine which will work best for you. Materials can be: Acrylic Enamelled cast iron Gel-coated fiberglass Cultured marble European steel enamel Natural materials and each one has its…read more

Plot Points Based on Distances Between Them

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My problem this days is: I need to provide a drawing of trees on my plot of land in order to see which can be spared when building the house. The easiest way to do this is to measure the distance between the said trees, add some basic coordinates (to place them within the plot of land) and build a drawing. Initially I thought of building the algorithm myself (or even drawing them by hand), but I found something online, based on d3.js, namely a force-directed graph. I have adjusted…read more

Buy a Bicycle for the Baby

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Long gone are the days when you only had to go to your local shop (ok, 2-3 local shops) to browse and buy the best bicycle you could find. Now you have many online shops (yes, even Amazon has some options here), review sites and price comparison engines (no link here because this is really dependent on where you live). You also have safety standards (helmets, anyone?). Yes, things got more complicated. Initially, I went like: “I’ll look online for a bit and I’ll get something”. Then, the “bit” went…read more

An Ex-Ante Checklist

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A while ago I had to deal with an ex-ante evaluation. One of the byproducts was a checklist. Here it is: Assessing the needs What is the current state of play? What do people think of it? How can it be improved? Defining objectives Are the objectives described in a clear, realistic manner? Are they coherent with the overall IT objectives of the Company/Institution? Are they coherent with each other? Identifying the target audience (customers) Is the target audience clearly defined? Are the reasons for identifying the target audience well…read more

The Sudden Need Syndrome

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The sudden need syndrome is the situation you find yourself just before your holidays, when everyone needs you to do something urgent. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point :) A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

Handling Change Requests

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As a project manager, I’m striving to improve the workflow for every stakeholder, in order to optimise their efficiency and involvement. Therefore, I devised a process for handling requests. The process The handling process is quite simple: Generate Request The Business Manager collects business requirements and electronically completes the Request For Change (RFC) form. Classify Request and Decision Body The RFC form is discussed and finalised with the IT Project Manager. The RFC form is completed with: A rough estimate of required effort and A classification of the request as…read more

GIS Sites in Belgium

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TL;DR: Each province has its own GIS site. In the quest of purchasing the land, I’ve found out there are several layers of plans. The most generic ones are the Federal plans. They are very good for land delimitation and such, less for planning and zoning. The most specific ones are called “Plan Particulier d’amenagement” (PPA), which contain decisions taken by the commune. What has the above planning to do with GIS? Well, everything, in the sense that the GIS tool offered by the federal system has only the information…read more

Planning Permission in Belgium

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When you build something, you will need to get a planning permission (most likely). Here are some links I’ve found: Planning permission info (Dutch – translated) Getting a planning permission ( Planning permission ( Planning permission (NL) Belgium is a bit of an odd ball when it comes to getting the permission. Walloons and Flemish have their own rules, and each commune has its own rules too (this would make sense anyway). So, if you’re building your own thing, make sure you go to your commune to ask what you…read more

Interior Design Links

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Here are some links for inspiration: Interior Design My House My Architect – a living show where owners open their houses to public and explain how they did it (Flemish) Cocoon – interior design (and not only) expo in Belgium Archiproducts (IT) – Design blog with many things (living room, kitchen, bedroom…) Archiportale (IT) – Architecture and design blog Archiexpo (IT) – Furniture Lighting Dr. Light – store in Belgium Top Domus – Store in Italy, shipping in EU Kitchen furniture Nobilia (Germany) – store with kitchen fittings AGA –…read more