A nice Visual Effect

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Today I wanted to get a headline image for my site, with a Gantt chart. I started from: which is a bit dull. I created then a photo filter layer with the following attributes: Filter: warming filter Density: 25% (I think that’s the default) Blending mode: Screen The result was this pretty image: To add a bit of oomph to it, I added an exposure layer: Exposure: -0.28 Offset: +0.0882 Gamma correction: 0.34 Blending mode: Color burn, Fill 35% Lo and behold: HTH, Credits: Header image CC BY 3.0 by…read more

Python classes to generate CSS

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A while ago I got fed up with CSS and its cumbersomeness. As my poison of choice is python, I was thinking it would be quite useful to have a bunch of classes capable of generating CSS automatically in python. One could have a base class, a set of properties, a name-value dictionary and a way to nest them nicely so we could emulate LESS/SCSS. The idea is to use the power of python (or whatever language you’d want), with nesting etc. so we allow non-web designers mess around with…read more

A Process of Starting Monitoring

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The other day I had an idea to create a site to allow people to start monitoring mining rates with a view later to provide alarms and the likes. Niche stuff… Concept The process I cooked up for this has several steps: User gets a new ID User can get a configuration file (with the ID) and a generic script which relays the info to the website User can launch the script and start monitoring This approach allows users to anonymously monitor their activities using the site. Later, the process…read more