Applications for EPSO/AD/331/16

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The number of applications are: No. Section Places Candidates AC 1 Data Analysis and IT Service 30 852 9.5x 2 Digital Workplace, Office Automation and Mobile Computing 25 258 3.4x 3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 14 208 5.0x 4 ICT Security 49 418 2.9x 5 IT Infrastructure 38 595 5.2x 6 IT Portfolio/Programme Management and Enterprise Architecture 24 626 8.7x AC: How many people compete for one place to the AC (which, in turn, is 3 times higher than the reserve list) HTH, A little experiment: If you find this…read more

Skip the EPSO Online Test

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TL;DR:: Replace the end of the application URL from e.g. 1947_en to 1947/apply_en. These days, EPSO is in the habit of launching calls with multiple fields with a twist: each field has its own application page. So, if you just want to browse the fields for more details (e.g. Talent Screener in specialist competitions), you’d have to go through the test each time. Quite time consuming… The URL for a field is:

where [field_id] is the identifier of the call and [lang] is the language. E.g. for Enterprise Resource…read more

Some Interview Questions

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The other day I’ve gotten wind of a bunch of interview questions for the EU Institutions. This apparently was a specialist interview in one of the Executive Agencies, so here it goes: Head of Department We have invited everybody who was successful in the preliminary tests for this interview You’ll have questions about your motivation to apply for this position. Panel members Present yourself, focusing on your previous experience, relevant for this project adviser position What is your motivation for going for the Project Adviser post Please describe the main…read more

Speed-Up your CV Updating on EPSO

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TL;DR: Open two browsers and use the script below to be quick in inputting your EPSO application. This tutorial is for: People who already have filled up their EPSO accounts and just need to copy-paste data around People with lots of entries Who is sick and tired of scrolling through the calendar widget Currently, to make a new application in EPSO you need to insert your CV from scratch. This is particularly annoying if you already did it and/or if you have a large number of entries (job or education)….read more

EPSO – Various Information and Tips

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Soon, I’ll start writing various articles related to EPSO, with information and tips and tricks I’ve learned in the last years. TL;DR: Have a look at my EPSO-related site for some tips and other information on competitions. Who Here is some info about me on this matter: Laur is a dedicated professional with more than two decades of experience, from which almost half dedicated to bettering the European quality of life. He has successfully participated in various competitions organised by EPSO throughout years. Why? The answer to this question is…read more