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Web Services from Scratch - 1. Infrastructure

August 11th, 2021 - ittutorial(1 min)

I’ve started writing my first web service with Spring. It started as something simple (check periodically if a site is active), but it evolved more and more as requirements and over-engineering creped in. This post lists the tings I set up now so I can make my life easier later. I will refer to this setup as ‘infrastructure’, simply because these tools and settings don’t benefit the actual services’ outcomes, but benefit the services themselves.

Global infrastructure

At the root of everything, I have the following setup:

  1. A DL380p server with ESXi
  2. A bunch of ubuntu machines (see here and here)
  3. Docker on each VM
  4. NGINX for reverse proxy
  5. Private docker registry (see here)

Service infrastructure

The service infrastructure has:

  1. A discovery service based on Eureka
  2. A configuration service from Spring configuration server


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