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Content Tagged "node"

Fix Not Found Package Errors with .staging Warnings on Npm Install

September 5, 2018Category: Software
TL;DR : Clean the npm cache and the package-lock.json The other day I started to get ENOENT warning when running npm install like: only to have the compilation failing with something like: I've looked into it and the conclusion was that the error occurred because I've updated my node/npm…

Debug Electron in VS Code

December 2, 2016Category: Software
TL;DR: You need to follow the server (electron) client (VS code debugger) approach. Be aware of OS specifics! So far, my approach towards development/debugging would be to write some code, test it, rewrite, test... all with a bunch of console.log() statements. That's not efficient at all and…

Change Packages Paths in NodeJS

November 25, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
TL;DR: Edit %appdata%\npm\etc\npmrc and add prefix and cache entries to specify the locations where node puts packages. Every time I install a new framework/dev environment I have to look where they put files. Having a roaming profile is a pain and I need to make sure it doesn't get too…

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