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Letter from the Commune to Cut the Grass

June 26th, 2017 - House(1 min)

Today I got a letter from the Commune to cut the grass. The letter was in Flemish. I reproduced its translated content below.

Not maintained plot + footpath for your plot


The police have determined that your plot + the footpath for your plot, located on the street, are not maintained.

Please carry out the necessary maintenance within 14 days, otherwise the municipal administration will automatically execute the costs of maintenance. the police will also impose a municipal administrative sanction on you.

We refer to the general police regulations of the municipality articles 11 and 12

Art 11

The footpaths, slopes and verges of property, whether or not inhabited, must be maintained and kept clean. These obligations are based on:

  1. for inhabited buildings, on the owner, co-owners, usufructuaries or tenants of the building or the persons responsible for the daily maintenance of the buildings;
  2. for buildings without residential function: on the concierges, porters, security guards, traders or the persons responsible for the daily maintenance of the buildings;
  3. for vacant buildings or undeveloped sites: on every holder of a real right to the property, in particular owners, usufructuaries, long-term owners, building owners, holder of a right of use, right of occupation, servitude or tenants.
  4. for apartment buildings, on the persons who are specifically responsible for their daily maintenance or those indicated by internal regulations. failing this or if this person fails, the obligation rests on residents…

Well, now I have to cut the grass.


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