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House log - Electricians

October 2nd, 2020 - House(1 min)

Electricien Belgium had until 30/09 to finish their job. As this did not happen, the constructor sent them a kind reminder and that the site manager will come on site on 07/10 in the morning.

Electricien Belgium replied with a rather incoherent email about incomplete specifications (this is the leit-motif since the beginning), about their work on a specific brand and the collossal effort they need to make to change it to what is actually specified in the contract, and a threat that if there’s no translator on site, they will quit the meeting. …and a note they will not do things according to the agreement in the summer…

Frankly, it’s easier to translate the German variant via e.g. google translate than the French message (which looks like a 7yo would have written it).

Both the constructor and us confirmed that we will be there.

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