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EPSO Practice E-tray test results

November 22nd, 2019 - EPSO(1 min)

Today I’ve started with practicing the EPSO E-tray. As per instructions from the Oreseu book, I’ve done it without any methodology (partly because it’s late, and partly because the test is not a full one).

My results were as follows:

QuestionDisciplineABCDeviation 1

Now, with the E-tray, all places I’ve looked at say basically the same thing: We don’t know how it’s marked, but this is our best guess.

I think the perfect score would be a 0 deviation, and the worst case… well, I guess I’ll put it at 25 (I guess the absolute worst is around 11 points per question). I have scored 15 against Orseu’s method which I’m not in measure to say if it’s good or bad right now.

And some metrics:

Average per question3
Delta (score/max score)27%

I just hope this will help (boast?) some poor soul who might go through the same.

  1. See here for reference
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A little experiment: