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Project Manager @ the EC

House log - Electricians

August 8, 2020Category: House
Well, yesterday we were supposed to receive the constructor's reply for the electricians. We didn't. We were also supposed to receive the reply for the skylight quote. We didn't get that either.

Add a new Plex server to your list (TrueNas)

August 7, 2020Category: IT
TL;DR : User the server's IP address, not its (local) name. Once the sever is configured , it's time to add it to your account. To do that, you need to open the server in the browser. Unfortunately, Plex doesn't work very well with names (mdns). My server was named cinema.home.lan . I could set it…

House log - Electricians

August 5, 2020Category: House
Today we had a meeting with the electricians and the constructor. The aim was two-fold: to resolve the issue with electricians and to see how things will move forward with the construction Electricians They were already there when we arrived in the morning. After exchanging pleasantries, the lady re…